Health Unto His Majesty

Charles returns to the throne in Restoration England — historical romance at its best.A 30-year-old Charles II is rapturously welcomed back on the throne after years in exile. Needing funds he marries the wealthy Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza. But this is an unsuccessful match to his unattractive princess fails to provide him with an heir and the dowry never materializes. Although Charles always treats her with the utmost kindness, Catherine has to tolerate his many mistresses, notably the promiscuous beauty, Barbara Castelmaine. The plot unfolds against a background of Plague, the Popish Plot and the Great Fire of London where underlying religious tensions promise to cause problems for the King. When his Catholic brother, James, looks likely to succeed him, the people rise up against Catholics. Even Queen Catherine is in danger when she is accused of plotting to kill her husband.

Caroline the Queen

Plaidy has the abilty of making history accessible and a joy to read.Caroline s long wait is up. George I is dead, and her husband is King. They immediately make the unfortunate discovery that most of the jewels and inheritance have been leaked away to mistresses of the old King. Catherine, with the assistance of Prime Minister Walpole, slowly begins to repair the damage done to England by previous sovereigns. She does her duty to the best of her ability, monitoring decisions made by her arrogant and insecure husband and stepping in where she feels it necessary. The book emphasises the importance of English Queens throughout history, as Caroline patiently dominates her husband and most of the court from behind the scenes. It is thanks to her that the House of Hanover survived, despite the unpopularity of its Kings.

Lion of Justice

Henry, the youngest of The Conquerer’s sons assumes the mantle of The Lion of Justice.The death of The Conqueror left three sons to inherit his power and his wealth. Normandy for Robert, England for Rufus and for Henry, the youngest, five thousand pounds of silver.The three were natural rivals. The feckless Robert lost Norman dukedom in an orgy of impulsive extravagance. Red-haired Rufus scandalised the court with his perverse sexuality and contempt for the Church.And Henry-cleverest of all-awaited his chance to fulfil his father s prophecy and assume the mantle of The Lion of Justice. Jean Plaidy, by the skilful blending of superb storytelling and meticulous attention to authenticity of detail and depth of characterisation has become one of the country s most widely read novelists. Sunday Times Full-blooded, dramatic, exciting. Observer Plaidy excels at blending history with romance and drama. New York Times Outstanding Vanity Fair

Queen of Diamonds

A story of greed, duplicity, romance and intrigue, and a mystery said to have brought down the french monarchy.The world shook at the eruption of the French Revolution, a revolution, some say, precipitated by a single factor: the theft of the Diamond Necklace which, it seemed, had been commissioned for Marie Antoinette and helped to bring both her and King Louis XVI to the guillotine.But behind the scandal was a complex and daring conspiracy involving a Prince of the Royal House of France, the charming and deceitful countess Jeanne de Valois, and the infamous Comte de Cagliostro all pawns in a secret, devious plot for wealth and supremacy in Europe. Jean Plaidy, by the skilful blending of superb storytelling and meticulous attention to authenticity of detail and depth of characterisation has become one of the country s most widely read novelists. Sunday Times Full-blooded, dramatic, exciting. Observer Plaidy excels at blending history with romance and drama. New York Times Outstanding Vanity Fair

Myself, My Enemy

One of the country’s most widely read novelists — the first volume in the Queens of England series.Despite the dangers of practicing her faith in the staunchly Protestant England, pretty Queen Henrietta Maria refuses to cast aside her Catholicism, so she finds little favour among the people. She is impetuous and loving, fond of fashionable clothes and gossip, and Charles, a family man of principle and integrity, is entirely devoted to her. But their happy if controversial marriage is soon under threat when Henrietta is renounced as a puppet of Rome and charged with leading Protestant England back to Rome. Soon her enemies swarm and the spies in her household prove too much. Only her loyalty and love for Charles can hope to keep him from the road to regicide.

Plantagenet Prelude

The first book in Jean Plaidy’s epic Plantagenet series.When William X dies, the duchy of Aquitaine is left to his fifteen-year-old daughter, Eleanor. But such a position for an unmarried woman puts the whole kingdom at risk. So on his deathbed William made a will that would ensure his daughter’s protection: he promised her hand in marriage to the future King of France.Eleanor grows into a romantic and beautiful queen, but she has inherited the will of a king, and is determined to rule Aquitaine using her husband’s power as King of France. Her resolve knows no limit and, in the years to follow she is to become one of history’s most scandalous queens.

Italian Woman

In the days when the word ‘Italian’ was synonymous with ‘poisoner’, there was no woman the French despised more than their own Queen Regent, Catherine de’ Medici… When Catherine de’ Medici was forced to marry Henry of Orleans, her’s was not the only heart broken. Jeanne of Navarre once dreamed of marrying this same prince, but like Catherine, she must comply with King Francis’s political needs. And so both Catherine and Jeanne’s lives are set on unwanted paths, destined to cross in affairs of state, love and faith, driving them to become deadly political rivals.Years later Jeanne is happily married to the dashing but politically inept Antoine de Bourbon, whilst the widowed Catherine continues to be loved by few and feared by many — including her children. But Catherine is now the powerful mother of kings, who will do anything to see her beloved second son, Henry, rule France. As civil war ravages the country and Jeanne fights for the Huguenot cause, Catherine advances along her unholy road, making enemies at every turn…

Heart of the Lion

The third book in Jean Plaidy’s epic Plantagenet series.At the age of thirty-two, Richard the Lionheart has finally succeeded Henry II to the English throne. And, against his father’s wishes, he intends to make Berengaria, daughter of the King of Navarre, his Queen.But first he must fulfil his vow to his country to win back Jerusalem for the Christian world. Leaving England to begin his crusade, Richard’s kingdom is left in the hands of his brother, John, who casts covetous eyes on the crown, and his sister, Joanna, who is willing to defy even a king.

Sun in Splendour

Jean Plaidy’s hugely popular Plantagenet series draws to a dramatic close with this final volume.Reckoned by those about him to be the most handsome man in the country, Edward the fourth has risen to the throne with the help of Warwick, the kingmaker. But even Warwick’s trusted advice cannot convince the King to ignore his passion for the beautiful widow, Elizabeth Woodville — and when she refuses to become his mistress the two are married. Beloved of the people, Edward proves himself to be a strong king, but his love of luxurious living soon begins to impact on his royal duties. Despite his mistresses, Elizabeth is loyal to the illustrious king, providing him with many children, among them Edward the fifth and Richard Duke of York. But Edward lived recklessly and on his death an incident from his past comes to light that will change the course of history …

Perdita’s Prince

One of the county’s most widely read novelists brings us scandalous Prince Charming — George, Prince of Wales …George III, fighting madness and the loss of the American colonies, has a domestic crisis as well. The 17-year-old Prince of Wales, fighting the puritanical decorum of his parents’ court, is about to begin his career of womanizing, gambling and consorting with the king’s political enemies. At the Drury Lane Theatre, the prince is enchanted by popular actress Mary Robinson in the role of Perdita in A Winter’s Tale. Although she is older, married and a mother, the Prince sets her up as his mistress. Mary has had many adventures, and is not averse to the attentions of the young price despite much opposition from those around them. Like most royal scandals however, the affair doesn t last. George has no notion of fidelity and soon loses interest in her, but she won t let him escape without a fight. The affair is used to advantage by the King’s political opponents, while the Prince moves on to newer, more flamboyant dalliances, happily anticipating the unbridled indulgence his 21st birthday will permit.