Getting Up With Fleas

It was your typical movie set. There was producer Biff Birnbaum, buried under a mountain of bills and sky-high on snow. Leading lady Tami Fluff, whose talent for rising in the film world was developed on her back. Writer Arden Harden, a perversely twisted and poison-tongued pro. Ramona Dedley, a female shrink cum X-rated sex therapist. Jack Scott, TV-land’s geriatric boy-next-door, and director Roddy Quine, so veddy-veddy British. Above all, there was superstar Tony McCue, living proof that too much drugs, drink, and sex can’t kill you. It was, in fact, Devlin Tracy’s job to make sure that nothing killed the heavily insured and accident-prone Tony McCue—at least until the film was completed. But when one member of this cast of coke-heads was found mysteriously tied up and dead in a dumbwaiter, Trace suspected he had graduated from being McCue’s babysitter to being his watchdog against murder…

Too Old a Cat

Just when the leader of an erotic ecstasy cult dies in writhing agony…when the beautiful wife of a Mafia prince hits hubby where it hurts the most…and when the kinky daughter of a super-straight broadcast executive threatens to make nightmare news…Trace’s luscious, blackjack-dealing, semi-hooking girlfriend Chico decides to trade in his body for a better model… Now Trace needs all the help he cant get—from a kooky pair of cops named Razoni and Jackson. From the street-smarts of his still hard-as-nails dad. And of course he needs Chico to come back with her own special brand of aid and comfort. Maybe then he can separate the goodies from the baddies in a Big Apple scene that’s rotten to the core…and wrap up three deadly mysteries in one blood-red bow…

Once a Mutt

Trace needed money fast, big money, or he’d be in a hole that could turn out to be his financial grave. His heavenly hooker girlfriend Chico wouldn’t lend him any of her hard-earned cash, which forced him to take an assignment from the giant insurance company that hated to have to use him as much as he hated to be of use to them. A kinky, animal-loving tycoon was missing…his widow demanding two million dollars insurance…and for those kinds of bucks Trace was told to do anything he had to. So, obeying orders, he went after the wildest bunch of characters ever to be on the wrong side of an animal cage at the zoo, from a man-eating adulteress who lusted to swallow him whole…to a couple of human sharks who wanted to spit him out in pieces…

Pigs Get Fat

Thomas Collins made his living wheeling-dealing San Francisco real estate-but he lived for sex, with every woman within his very long reach. There was his wife, who had grown afraid to be beautiful…his step-daughter, whom he wanted to teach things she could never learn in college…his secretary, who earned her bonuses the hard way…and the hooker, who gave the best value in town. But now Thomas Collins was missing, a big money policy on his life was up for grabs, and insurance investigator Devlin Tracy had to find him or his company faced a huge payoff. Trace couldn’t afford to let even his gorgeous girlfriend Chico slow him down as he went through Collins’ list of lovelies to find out how deadly too much sex could be…and what woman was one too murderously many…&quote;

When Elephants Forget

As far as Trace was concerned, New York was a lousy place to visit, and an even worse place to make a living. But the insurance company that employed him had sent him to Manhattan to check out a death in a Family that made the Mafia look like the Waltons. And to add an extra twist of trouble, Trace’s girlfriend, Chico, came along to keep him on the straight and narrow while she explored the far-out kicks of fun city. In a town where every woman seemed available at the price of peril…where a blizzard of cocaine was burying users and pushers alike…and where the answer to the most polite question was a quick kick in the teeth…the freest free-lance investigator of them all found the Big Apple pure poison when he cut to the core of a crime that nobody wanted solved.

And 47 Miles of Rope

The giant insurance company that hired Trace didn’t do it because of his sobriety, loyalty or high moral principles. They paid him for cases that no other investigator could come close to cracking-and this one, here in sin city, Las Vegas, was right up Trace’s shadowy alley. It involved a collection of Beautiful People with ugly secrets that included the Countess Felicia Fallaci who couldn’t count her own lovers, a blond porn bombshell over-endowed with everything but brains, an Italian pretty boy who dedicated his idle life to drugs, a German baron with bizarre appetites, and a private-eye pimp with a string of Vegas sex machines. And right in the center of that circle of sophisticated sickies was a murdered man of mystery, a missing million in jewels, and a killer bent on teasing Trace to death…&quote;


TRACE aka Devlin Tracy. He operates out of Las Vegas as a very private investigator. The giant insurance company that employs him is willing to overlook his drinking, his gambling and his womanizing for one reason: No matter how dirty and dangerous the job, he gets it done. Now his part-time hooker girlfriend is off on an out-of-town trick, his alimony bills are piling up, and his assignment is to find out if an idealistic doctor is dedicated to killing his patients rather than curing them. What he is about to discover is that ordinary people often have the most perverse secrets, that one unsolved death can mean open season for someone aspiring to become a career beneficiary, and that unless he comes up with some answers fast-someone might put a permanent end to him and his investigation in this dirty game of dollars and death…&quote;

Skin Deep

Just as world leaders are flocking to New York to discuss world peace, someone takes off with the US Navy’s latest super-weapon — a top-secret, atom-armed jet bomber that can escape radar detection. Secret agents Remo and Chiun launch an investigation, but they’re just winging it — until unexpected turbulence forces them to an uncharted island off the Florida Keys. All at once, peril is hovering over their heads in the form of an ex-Nazi with Blitzkrieg on his mind. His flights of fancy have the free world heading towards disaster, with Remo and Chiun being dragged along for the ride. Under constant attack, Remo and Chuin are flying by the seat of their pants. And this time it looks as if even the secrets of Sinanju won’t help them land on their feet . . . Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

Profit Motive

It seems like a good idea at first — a bacterium developed to consume oil spills at sea. But when the bug mutates, threatening to convert all the petroleum in the world into wax, Western civilization is up for grabs, and a lot of slimy characters are determined not to let it slip through their fingers. This is where Remo and Chiun come in. That is, until Chiun, the Master of Sinanju, cuts out — to join the opposition on the promise of gold for a certain Korean village. Remo’s left in a real bind. And with his mentor bent on wiping out all that the ex-cop stands for, more than ever before it looks as if the Destroyer and CURE have reached the end of the road. Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

Dying Space

When a garbage man in California is found skinned alive, secret agents Remo and Chiun figure it’s dirty business. When the same man starts showing up in the company of a prominent female scientist, they know something’s really rotten. But when they find out that the new face belongs to an old foe — a deadly enemy they killed themselves — they know trouble’s heading right for their laps, and they’ve got to move fast to keep from landing down in the dumps . . . for good. Remo and Chiun head for Moscow, where the KGB, the scientist, and the once-dead enemy of Sinanju teach them exactly who’s going to bury whom. As they waste away in a Soviet prison, a conspiracy is revealed that has the potential to destroy America once and for all. And with Remo and Chiun incarcerated, the US seems truly doomed . . . Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.