ACCA Essentials P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics Passcards 2014

The P1 Passcards are a handy, A6 sized, spiral bound revision tool which you can carry with you to revise wherever, whenever. They summarise the key elements of the P1 syllabus into concise points and include many diagrams to help you memorise information and consolidate your knowledge. They also highlight the ethical issues the examiner says are essential knowledge for passing the exam.

Becoming an Accountant

Becoming an Accountant is an engaging, easy to use guide for anyone considering entering accountancy as well as current accountants, informing them how accountants train, where they work and what work they undertake.


Question practice is essential for all papers, but for E2 it is particularly important to be able to put the theories and techniques you have studied into practice. E2 is an integrated paper, but you learn the topics separately, so it is only by doing questions that you can draw the different areas of the syllabus together.Our Practice and Revision Kit follows the order of the text and there are a large number of questions on all syllabus topics. This is essential, as all questions on the paper will be compulsory.Our Practice and Revision Kit gives ample opportunity to practice both the 10 mark Section A questions and the longer Section B scenario questions. Two mock exams also reflect this format. Most questions have marking schemes, so that you can see what skills and techniques the examiner values. While there are some marks for textbook knowledge — and you should make sure you get these — many of the marks will be for applying this knowledge to the scenario in the question. Even Section A questions often require this application.

ACCA Skills F8 Audit and Assurance (International) Revision Kit 2014

The examining team reviewed F8 Practice & Revision Kit provides invaluable guidance on how to approach the exam and contains past ACCA exam questions for you to try. Questions are grouped by syllabus area so that you can easily identify what they cover. Detailed solutions provide tips, advise you how to approach questions and tell you how to gain easy marks. They also include examiners comments, to help you understand what the examiner is looking for.