Skeeve the Magnificent, magician to kings and King of Magicians, Businessman and Problem-Solver Extraordinaire, has come out of retirement. And he’s set up shop in the Bazaar, right on the home turf of his old company, M.Y.T.H. Inc. Too bad his former co-worker, Aahz the Pervect, is not exactly thrilled with the competition. Looks like a little wager is in order.

The Blood Of Ten Chiefs

ElfQuest — 01 — The Blood Of Ten Chiefs

Introduction and Editor’s Note by Richard Pini

Riding the train from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Terminal and back is not one of life’s Great Events, even if it does pass near co-editor Lynn Abbey’s ancestral home of Peekskill. (I particularly dislike the lemminglike change of trains at Croton-Harmon. How those who make that four-hour-total commute five days a week do so absolutely escapes me; I content myself with the knowledge that Tantalus is not alone in hell.) Even the generally amusing reporting antics of the New York Post wear thin after about fifteen minutes, and then it’s stare-out-the-grimy-windows time once again.

However, on Thursday, April 17, 1986 I had a reprieve from the usual Metro North ennui, and what a lovely reprieve it was. I got to read, for the first time all collected in one place, the manuscript for this book, volume one in the series collectively called The Blood of Ten Chiefs. And a faster four h…

Myth-Told Tales



Welcome to Myth-Told Tales

In this collection you will find all the short stories yet written in the world of the Myth Adventures. A few are by Bob Asprin alone, a few by only Jody Nye, but the majority are collaborations between the two authors. Some feature Aahz and Skeeve, others feature such characters as Tananda, Chumley, Guido, and even Gleep. Three of these stories appeared in the chapbook format volume of this same title. One story, «M.Y.T.H. Inc. Instructions,» is the only stand-alone story included with a Myth Adventures novel, Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. One other story, «Mything in Dreamland,» appeared in Fantasy Masters, a collection of stories by top fantasy writers set in their own worlds. The rest of the stories, about half this book, are new and this is their first appearance anywhere. This is the point where an editor is supposed to say something meaningful about the literary work and its …

Dragons Luck

Griffen McCandles is adjusting well to running his gambling operation in the French Quarter of New Orleans and to his newfound status as head dragon. Other dragons are getting a whiff of his reputation, though, and they’re not happy about it. Which is why there’s suddenly a hit out on him.

And, just in time for Halloween, the ghost of a voodoo queen wants Griffen to moderate a supernatural conclave. And though the strange goings-on will barely be noticed in a city used to drunken conventioneers and wild revelers, it’s Griffen’s chance to spread his wings — or crash and burn.

Wartorn: Resurrection

Wartorn: Resurrection

Robert Asprin and Eric Del Carlo


AT LAST HE rode to a halt. The hot living scent of the lathered mount permeated the rough traveler’s clothes Bryck wore. He uncoiled from the saddle, climbing off, and stretched his softening middle-yeared body. The late evening was mild, with a hint of sultriness to the air. Above, stars and a crescent of moon stamped the sky. There were clouds, probably harboring late summer rain, to the distant north.

Bryck was sore to his bones. He was keenly aware of his every muscle and sinew, because each part of himself seemed to ache individually. Three days and two nights he had driven the fast borrowed steed, sleeping only during the darkest watches—and then only on a less than luxurious bedroll. It was all so very primitive, so brutally physical. Not at all the sort of activity in which he routinely engaged. Yet, this unaccustomed discomfort was pleasing. It was tangible evidence of the right…

Phule’s Errand

Not many men are as hardy as this Phule.

Phule is without a doubt the only captain in the Space Legion with his own butler, but Beeker has stuck with him through thick and thin. Which is why it’s incomprehensible to Phule why Beeker has run off-planet without a word—and with Omega Company’s lovely new medic.

Without his right-hand man, Phule has no idea what his left hand is doing. So he takes off after his errant butler, just as General Blitzkrieg decides to make a surprise visit to Zenobia. And the only thing Blitz would like better than catching Phule off guard is to catch Phule AWOL…

Wings of Omen

Robert Lynn Asprin

Wings of Omen

INTRODUCTION by Robert Lynn Asprin

The birds of Sanctuary are black. From the hawklike predators to the small
seedeaters the native birds are black as the heart of a thief.

Hakiem, once the town’s leading storyteller, had never paused to reflect on the
coloration of the birds before. At moments like this, however, when the business
of the Bey-sa’s court was between members of the Beysib clans and conducted in
their own incomprehensible tongue, there was little for the Empress’s native
adviser to do but fidget and reflect. Habits evolved during long years drinking
at the Vulgar Unicorn had positioned him with his back to a wall and a clear
path to the doors-coincidentally he had gotten himself an equally clear view out
a window into the courtyard below. The movement of the birds caught his eye; he
found himself watching their antics closely.

When the Beysib arrived in Sanctuary they brought, along with their gold and