Cartoon Kid – Emergency!

A new laugh-out-loud adventure in the funny and popular Cartoon Kid series by Jeremy Strong. Casper and his friends have a not-so-well-kept secret . . . they’re all SUPERHEROES! That’s right; no emergency is moo, sorry, TOO big for Mr Butternut’s class, not even a herd of playground invading COWS! And when the school lunch trolley is raided by some pesky packed-lunch robbers, can Casper the Cartoon Kid save the day?Praise for Jeremy Strong:’A real talent for silliness and slapstick’ — Sunday Times’Comedy and general fizz are Jeremy Strong’s trademarks’ — Independent** Three funny stories in one book for 7+ by Jeremy Strong, the award-winning author of The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog and My Brother’s Famous Bottom.** Artwork mixed with text and comic strips make this series perfect for reluctant readers.** Sales for Jeremy Strong are now over 7 million copies!** Brilliant revamped Krazy Klub website at

Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog Goes for Gold!

GUESS what’s coming to town!? The Animal Games! There’ll be show jumping for horses AND rabbits and Discus for Dogs — so of course I have to enter Streaker. Mum says a CARROT is more obedient than my dog but I think she can do it — Streaker can go for GOLD!** The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour-Dog won the Red House Children’s Book Award.** Jeremy Strong is one of Britain’s top 20 most-borrowed children’s authors from the library. ** Sales for Jeremy Strong are now over 7 million copies!** for free stuff and fun stuff!

Cartoon Kid Strikes Back!

Casper and his friends have an amazing ZEEOWWW! WHIZZ! SPLATT! secret — THEY ARE ALL SUPERHEROES!Which will come in very handy this Sports Day when a dog named JAWS is let off his lead. . . AARRGHHH!And what happens when Casper’s vacuum cleaner swallows a HAMSTER? Find out in not just one, but THREE Cartoon Kid adventures. WHAM-BAM-JELLY-AND-JAM!

Karate Princess/The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble

A fantastically funny two-books-in-one adventure starring the Karate Princess!The Karate Princess: The youngest of sixteen beautiful princesses, Belinda is ignored by her father, King Stormbelly, and left in the hands of a Japanese tutor. After the king marries off his other daughters he discovers that Belinda has turned into a karate expert. Appalled, he leaves her to find her own handsome prince. But will she be able to — and will she even want to?The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble: The Karate Princess is not enjoying her honeymoon — she’s bored and desperate for an adventure. Luckily her uncle, the Duke of Dork, needs some help with a rather terrifying, man-eating monster. The Karate Princess can’t wait to get stuck in, but the two-headed monster is a bit of a handful, and she’s soon in danger of becoming his mid-morning snack!

Beak Speaks/Chicken School

THE BEAK SPEAKS: Mark is concerned that his dad has too much to do since his mum left — looking after him and his sister Tammy, the house and his vet’s practice. He advertises for a girlfriend for his dad and soon the surgery is full of eager women, including the beautiful, but evil, Divine and her ugly henchman, Jaundice. This pair of crooks are smuggling animals and need a vet to look after them. Mark’s dad is a sucker for Divine, but just to make sure of his help, she kidnaps the children. Luckily Mark has made friends with one of the smuggled chimps, Arnold Teabag, who is a bit of an escape artist, and the chimp brings help. CHICKEN SCHOOL: Tim’s family is the Most Boring Family In The World and he’s fed up. He wants fun! Thrills! Adventure! And school’s just as boring too. But one day a phantom message about Tim appears and everything changes. Who is the day-glo scribbler — and what’s so special about chickens anyway?** Jeremy Strong is the award-winning author of The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog, My Brother’s Famous Bottom and Cartoon Kid.** He is one of the top 20 most-borrowed children’s authors from British libraries.** His slapstick humour appeals to both boys and girls age 7+** Great value — two books in one!

Indoor Pirates/The Indoor Pirates on Treasure Island

Two funny stories in one book!The Indoor Pirates are fierce, lawless bandits, but they have one fatal weakness: they hate the sea!** Jeremy Strong is one of Britain’s top 20 most-borrowed children’s authors from the library. ** Sales for Jeremy Strong are now over 7 million copies!**

Cartoon Kid

You’ll never GUESS what Mr Butternut said at school today:’This is your first day with me and I can see that there is something amazing about you . . . all of you are hiding a BIG SECRET.’And do you know what it is? We are all SUPERHEROES. I nearly fell off my chair! Then we had to choose our superhero names. I’m Casper the Cartoon Kid, my best friend’s Big Feet Pete and moaning Noella Niblet — she’s the Incredible Sulk!Now we can fight injustice AND Gory and Tory the Vampire Twins. They’ve stolen something that belongs to us and we want it back — WHAM-BAM-JELLY AND-JAM!

Cartoon Kid – Supercharged!

MEET CASPER! By day he’s a regular school kid but by . . . later on in the day he’s CARTOON KID!That’s right — Casper is a SUPERHERO — but shhhhhh, keep it quiet because it’s a SECRET! Casper, Big Feet Pete and Sarah Sitterbout are in for a shock when a MONSTROUS new teacher arrives. She says her name is Mrs Cloddle — ha! — CLODZILLA more like. Cartoon Kid to the rescue!And that’s just ONE of their adventures in this laugh-out-loud book . . . WHAM BAM JELLY AND JAM!

Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog

Trevor’s mum has offered him 30 to walk the dog every day of the holidays. But Streaker is no ordinary dog, she’s a rocket on four legs with a woof attached! Trevor enlists the help of best friend Tina to keep Streaker under control — with some hilarious results!A favourite story from a prize-winning author.

We Want to be On the Telly (Pocket Money Puffin)

The hilariously funny story of Heathrow (affectionately named after London’s airport) whose TOTALLY EMBARRASSING parents will do anything to be on TV, even if it involves rice pudding or a racing car or a rhinoceros! But in the end it’s Heathrow’s quick thinking that makes the news headlines!Laugh your socks off with this highly silly story specially for Pocket Money Puffins.