Monday’s Mob

To deal the Mafia its death blow, the Executioner plans a week in hell After more than thirty campaigns, Mack Bolan has brought the cosa nostra to its knees. The syndicate is in tattersits soldiers dead, its bosses terrified, its money all but gone. The US government, believing that organized crime is no longer a threat, begs Bolan to join the fight against international terrorism as head of a secretive task force that answers only to the president. But before he can end his war against the mob, Bolan must be certain of total victory. In six days he will finish the Mafia once and for allor he will finally die trying. He starts in Louisville, where some of the most powerful bosses in the country have gathered to make a last-ditch stand against the Executioner. But before he can destroy them, Bolan must rescue their prisoner: a beautiful woman named April Rose, who will change his life forever.

Dixie Convoy

In the heart of the Deep South, the Executioner starts a new Civil War In a grassy field in North Georgia, Mack Bolan pays tribute to the men who died at Chickamauga. For more than a century, the battlefields of the Civil War have been peaceful memorials, but on a lonely stretch of highway outside Atlanta, the one-man army known as the Executioner is about to open a new battle. His target is the Mafia, which has long used the Georgia highways to smuggle cigarettes, whiskey, and stolen electronics. Lately, something far more sinister has been creeping up from the South: heroin, by the truckload. Bolan is here to cut the connection. To protect the innocent truckers hauling the Mafia goods, Bolan lets them drop their cargo before he destroys it. When the white powder fails to arrive at its destination, the mob comes after Bolan, and the highways of the South become a battleground.

Terrible Tuesday

The Executioner descends on California to destroy the West Coast syndicate once and for all Yesterday Mack Bolan was in Louisville, dismantling the midwestern crime syndicate drop by bloody drop. The next stop on his six-day rampage is California, where ambitious gangsters have pooled their resources to form a last-ditch coalition known as the California Concept. The Executioner arrives on Tuesday. His intent is to have destroyed the criminal empire by Wednesday. Bolan starts his battle by rescuing the daughter of a midlevel boss and using her father’s influence to get close to the local mob. The criminal syndicate of California is far healthier than he realized, and its leaders are on the verge of pioneering a high-tech brand of organized crime that could upend life across the United States. It would take the police years to unravel this conspiracy, but Bolan has no time to waste. The killing starts now.

Texas Storm

In the oil fields of Texas, the Executioner discovers a daring Mafia plot The plane comes in low, dropping its sole passenger on the edge of the oilfield known as Klingman’s Wells. Wearing all black, his chest crisscrossed with ammunition, Mack Bolan begins his assault on the facility. With his two favorite pistols and a handful of grenades, he cripples this mob-run drilling site, causing enough chaos to allow him to escape unharmedand rescue the kidnapped woman who is trapped inside. Bolan’s one-man war against organized crime has hamstrung the mob’s gambling operations and stopped its corruption of Washington. Desperate for funds, the syndicate has infiltrated the Texas oil industry, starting with Klingman’s Wells. To save the Lone Star State from mob rule, the Executioner hits one Mafia stronghold after another in a tornado of destruction that is appropriately Texas size.

Wednesday’s Wrath

For twenty-four hours, the Executioner will turn New Mexico into hell on earth After dozens of battles and an untold body count, Mack Bolan thought his one-man war against the Mafia was coming to an end. He planned a final week of mop-up work, clearing out mob infestations wherever they were the thickest before joining up with the US government and leaving his old life behind. But as any exterminator knows, some pests are harder to get rid of than othersand the Mafia is tougher than any cockroach. Bolan is on his way to Texas when he is forced to make a detour in New Mexico to take out a sadistic doctor who has been performing gruesome experiments on disloyal Mafia soldiers. In the high desert country near Santa Fe, he discovers a mob plot that rivals anything he’s ever seen. The war for the American underworld is about to reach an atomic level of destruction.

Arizona Ambush

Hinshaw… Worthy… Morales — names with ghostly echoes from Mack Bolans military past. Add an abandoned combat training center in the Arizona wasteland, a kinky U.S. Senator, a badly soiled «businessman», a self-exiled Mafia chieftain with new territorial ambitions, and a cadre of combat veterans… and it means war in the desert for the Executioner.

Sicilian Slaughter

School for Assassins!

The hot and arid island of Sicily is infamous as the birthplace of the Mafia. From this Mediterranean spawning ground the deadly forces of evil and corruption have spread to all points of the globe. In the U.S. the Mafias influence has become as sophisticated as it is powerful. . . virtually no city is free of the mobs grip, hardly an industry is untouched by their sinister operations.

Now, after a long and bloody wipeout trail across our country, Mack Bolan must lash out at the very root of the Mafia monster. Sicily has seemingly been quite remote from the underworld activities on our shores in recent years, but Bolan has discovered that a top Mafia family in the U.S. has masterminded the formation of a small army of killers in Sicily. They are undergoing intensive training in a small village practically in the shadow of Mount Etna.

The purpose of their mission is secret. Bolans initial reconnaissance indicates that they are well into final preparations for what could be a major crime campaign. To strike where? And for whom? There is no time to learn more, or even to warn U.S. authorities. Bolan must go it alone, and face an army of assassins!