Comfortable Wife

Immerse yourself in the glitter of Regency times and follow the lives and romantic escapades of Stephanie Laurens’ Lester family. Miss Antonia Mannering was not going to dwindle into becoming an old maid! She and Lord Philip Ruthven had been childhood friends who had not seen each other for years. And although considered a very eligible bachelor, Philip remained unmarried. With Philip’s close friend Harry Lester recently married, Antonia only hopes that she can convince Philip of the bliss marriage brings, that she can run his home and not disgrace him in Society. But is Philip ready to set up his nursery…with Antonia as his wife?’Laurens’ writing shines. ‘ Publishers Weekly

Seduction of Sebastian Trantor

A novella, previously published in the print anthology It Happened One Season.Sebastian Trantor is in need of a wife. But although he’s scouted the ballrooms, drawing rooms, and salons of London, he’s yet to find a single worthwhile candidate in the young ladies paraded before him. They simper; they giggle; they are completely unsuitable.Then, he discovers Tabitha Makepeacebreaking into a desk! He quickly realizes that this clever and resourceful young lady is the bride for himbut how is he to convince her of that?

Truth About Love

Bold, passionate and possessive, the Cynster men let nothing stand in their way when it comes to claiming the women of their hearts.Gerrard Debbington, Vane Cynster’s brother-in-law, is one of London’s most eligible gentlemen. Uninterested in marriage, his driving passion is to paint the fabled gardens of Lord Tregonning’s Hellebore Hall — an opportunity that is now at hand…if Gerrard agrees to create an honest portrait of Tregonning’s daughter as well.Gerrard chafes at wasting his talents on some simpering miss, only to discover that Jacqueline Tregonning stirs him as no other. Certainly, she is beautiful, but it is her passionate nature that strikes sparks with Gerrard’s own, igniting desire and sweeping them into each other’s arms, convincing Gerrard that he has found his ideal soul mate — the lady he must have as his wife.But something is horribly wrong at Hellebore Hall. Evil and lies are reaching out to ensnare Jacqueline — and Gerrard will have to move Heaven and Earth to protect the remarkable woman who, for him, personifies the truth about love…

Tangled Reins

From the sparkling ballrooms of Regency London to the wealthy glamour of the country house — let Stephanie Laurens be your guide!Content with her humdrum country life, Miss Dorothea Darent had no intention of marrying. She knew that her unfashionable curves and her outspoken ways made her a disastrous match for any gentleman of the ton. But one kiss from a dashing stranger changed everything. Gossips said that the scandalous Marquis of Hazelmere would never choose a bride. But when he encountered Dorothea, he was entranced.He didn’t expect Dorothea’s unconventional sweetness and charm to take the glittering world of the Regency by storm. The lady was surrounded by suitors — and now the confirmed rake must fight for his beautiful prize!&quote;Laurens’ writing shines&quote; Publishers Weekly

All About Passion

New York Times bestselling Australian author Stephanie Laurens delivers the latest tale in the immensely popular Cynster series. When Chillington is elected an honorary Cynster at the end of All About Love he knows he needs a wife and an heir. His goal; a simple marriage without romance. He agrees to marry a woman he believes to be pliant and quiet. Unfortunately for him the woman he thinks is Francesca Rawling is really her cousin Franni.Francesca herself is proud passionate and opinionated in short the perfect bride for a Cynster…

Bastion Club

Get the first three Bastion Club Novels in one boxed set from #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens! Fans of wildly adventurous historical romances will enjoy these stories about loyal, strong-willed gentlemen determined to find the perfect bride!The Lady ChosenThere is more than a touch of the wild adventurer in each of them, and they are loyal to the bone. Seven of Londons most eligible bachelors band together to form The Bastion Club, an elite society of gentlemen dedicated to determining their own futures when it comes to that most important step of allmarriage.Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham, never expected hed need to wed within a year or forfeit his inheritance. But he is not one to bow to the matchmaking mamas of the tonthe lady he chooses is his enchanting nextdoor neighbor. Miss Leonora Carling has beauty, spirit and passion; unfortunately, matrimony is the last thing on her mind . . .Tristans kisses might be oh-so-tempting, but once bitten, forever shy, Leonora has turned her back on marriage. But Tristan is a seasoned campaigner who will not accept defeat. And when a mysterious man attempts to scare Leonora and her family from their home, Tristan realizes hes been given the perfect excuse to offer his servicesas protector, seducer and, ultimately, husband.A Gentlemans HonorThe Season has yet to begin, and the second member of the Bastion Club, tall, handsome Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington, is already a target for every matchmaking mama in London. But there is only one lady who sparks his interestDesperate, penniless, but determined, Alicia intends making a spectacular match for her ravishing younger sister. Masquerading as the widowed Mrs. Carrington, Alicia boldly launches her sibling into the ton. But a moonlit stroll proves Alicias undoing when it leads to an accusation of murder.Every instinct Tony Blake possesses tells him that Aliciathe exquisite, distraught beauty he discovers standing over a dead body in his godmothers gardenis innocent. His connections allow him to take control of the investigation, while his social prominence provides public support. But it is more than honor that compels him to protect this imperiled beautyand he will do everything in his seductive power to make Alicia his.A Lady of His OwnDeep in the country, the third of the seven members of the Bastion Club meets his long-fated match.Appalled by the damsels of the ton, Charles St. Austell seeks refuge in his castleand discovers Lady Penelope Selborne walking the deserted corridors at midnight. Years ago, theyd consummated their youthful passion on one unforgettable afternoon, but while the ardent interlude haunts Charles still, Penny wants nothing more to do with him.Yet although Penny has vowed she wont settle for anything less than true love, resisting a stronger, battle-hardened Charles proves difficult. And when a traitorous intrigue threatens them both, she discovers that her first lovea man who will not rest until he has made her his ownis her fated champion and protector.

All About Love

Lucifer Cynster has sworn never to pledge his heart — but fate has other plans…The last unwed Cynster, Alasdair — known as Lucifer — has escaped to Devon one step ahead of London’s matchmaking mamas. Yet, despite his dedication to avoiding the parson’s mousetrap, the irresistible Phyllida Tallent — a willful, independent beauty — brings all his masterful Cynster instincts rioting to the fore. Initially Lucifer tries to suppress the desire Phyllida evokes, but fate intervenes, leaving him facing the ultimate challenge for a Cynster — wooing a reluctant bride.Her wit, charm, and beauty have garnered Phyllida a bevy of suitors, but not one has tempted her the way Lucifer does. His offer to teach her all about love is almost too tantalizing to refuse. And although she has not yet surrendered completely, Phyllida knows only a fool resists a determined Cynster.And Phyllida is certainly no one’s fool.

In Pursuit Of Eliza Cynster

Three Cynster sisters have been holding out for their heroes, but now, determined to take matters into their own hands, they begin to actively search for suitable husbands in the wilds of Scotland . . . Now it’s the turn of Miss Eliza Cynster to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Lady Of His Own

Impatient to find his bride-to-be yet appalled by the damsels of the ton, Charles St Austell seeks refuge in his castle — and discovers Lady Penelope Selborne walking the deserted corridors at midnight. Years ago they’d consummated their youthful passion one unforgettable afternoon. While the ardent interlude still haunts Charles, Penny vowed never again to be seduced by the dashing earl. But resisting a stronger, battle-hardened Charles proves difficult, and when a traitorous intrigue threatens them both, Penny discovers that her first love is her fated champion and protector — and will not rest until he has made her his own…

Lady Chosen

Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham, never expected he’d need to wed within a year or forfeit his inheritance. But he is not one to bow to the matchmaking mamas of the ton. No, he will marry a lady of his own choosing. And the lady he chooses is the enchanting neighbour living with her family next door. Miss Leonora Carling has beauty, spirit and passion; unfortunately, matrimony is the last thing on her mind . . . Once bitten, forever shy — never again will Leonora allow any man to capture her heart and break it. But Tristan is a seasoned campaigner who will not accept defeat, especially when a mysterious blackguard with dark designs on Leonora’s family home gives him the perfect excuse to come to the lady’s aid — as her protector, confidant, seducer…and husband.