Joker’s Revenge

Some joker is causing trouble for Danner & Bishop, Chicago’s most exclusive department store, but no one’s laughing. Then Nancy and friends go undercover as store employees to catch the culprit—and find themselves in serious trouble.

Into Thin Air

Georges neighbor Mark Rubin has been canned by his detective agency. J. Christopher Johnson, subject of an embezzlement investigation, has vanished in a helicopter crashand Marks boss blames him for blowing the case. But Mark is convinced that with Nancys help he can blow the case wide open!

Mystery on Maui

Nancy, Bess, and George are on Maui to check out a major international surfing competition. But theres trouble in paradisebig money is at stake in the contest, and someones playing a dirty game.

Stinky Cheese Surprise

Nancy, George, and Bess love Hamburger Herbiesafter all, they know a good hamburger when they taste one! But when Regal Burger opens across the street with its games and flashy giveaways, Herbie is scared that his business will be ruined. Nancy, George, and Bess know they cant let Herbie’s close down. They have to do something, but what? The girls decide to make goodie bags that Herbie can give away at his restaurant. But when someone fills the bags with stinky cheese, Nancy smells trouble! She knows someone is up to no good, and Herbie is counting on her to sniff out the clues. Can Nancy crack the case and save Herbies?

Hot Pursuit

The Internet…a world without rules, without boundaries. And its all just a click away…Ryan Corrigan is not what most people would call a cool guy. Hes usually called something more like geek or cyber-nerd. Maybe its because he and his mom move almost every year, so he never gets a chance to make friends. Or maybe its because he spends most of his time glued to his computer. Its his friend. But now Ryans friend has gotten him into some big trouble. If Ryan doesnt find a real ally fast, he could end up in jailor worse, a victim of a terrible accident. Different people in different placesthe one thing they have in common is a new address on the Internet: Where all your fears come true

Stranger in the Shadows

When Paula DeJagger, an exchange student staying with one of Nancys friends, begins acting strangely, Nancy investigates and discovers that Paula and other exchange students are being blackmailed to commit crimes.

Poison Pen

Nancy grapples with sabotaged cars, suspicious accidents, and a desperate letter to an advice column figure in this summertime mystery.

Squeeze Play

Nancy Drew comes to the aid of Sean Reeves, the star pitcher of the River Heights Falcons, when his young daughter is kidnapped and the price of her release is for him to lose the championship game.

Runaway Bride

Nancys in Tokyo to attend the wedding of her friend, Midori Kato, but the guests are greeted with a most shocking announcement: the bride has disappeared! Will Nancys sleuthing enable Midori to keep her wedding date, or is it already too late?