Moreau Factor

A hard-living reporter long past his Pulitzer Prize-winning prime, Chuck Vallone is about to meet a renowned geneticist who needs to clear his conscience. But when Vallone arrives at their rendezvous, he finds the D.C. hotel swarming with government agents. The scientist’s room is now a grisly slaughterhouse splattered with blood — but no sign of a body.Vallone knows he has the story of the century, especially when he receives a mysterious package filled with a computer disk and strange samples of DNA. Now he’s determined to uncover the truth. But it’s no brave new world Vallone will be exploring; rather, a deadly depraved one ruled by preeminent scientists. And this powerful cadre intends to make Vallone both eyewitness and executor of their final ferocious plan…

Priam’s Lens

Humans had finally gone to the stars, as the dreamers had always hoped; celestial stretches of the galaxy became the playgrounds of a new spacefaring race. But now these worlds were being taken over by Titans, creatures with unimaginable, godlike powers, supremely indifferent to humanity’s survival.There was one chance to stop them. Helena, one of the Titan-dominated planets, concealed an untapped, hundred-year-old weapon — Priam’s Lens. Getting to Helena would not be difficult, but activating the lens was another matter. No one had ever returned from a Titan encounter. They simply disappeared — status unknown.Now a small ragtag crew made up of scientists, warriors, a priest, and a stowaway — naval officer Gene Harker — were ready to pit themselves against the greatest power in the universe. With the help of a mad space pirate, they descended upon the deadly planet. They would succeed — or die trying…

Hot-Wired Dodo

Reality wasn’t what it used to be. Life after life, as man, woman, and child, Cory Maddox was trapped in an endless cycle of ever-changing realities, on the run from his ruthless companions and from the shadowy figures that seemed to exist outside the increasingly unstable matrix. As each new world proved increasingly bizarre, Cory wanted nothing more than to find the way home. Fragments of knowledge — a mysterious UFO crash, alien technology, glimpses of a computer that was controlling his fate — all pointed toward Matthew Brand, the virtual reality genius. But Brand had vanished long ago, into, or perhaps beyond, the borders of reality.To break the cycle of cyber-reincarnation, Cory had to find Brand — before the actions of his enemies destroyed reality altogether . . .

War of Shadows

PROGRESS REPORT:Cornwall, Nebraska — 894 catatonic, 86 deadBoland, California — 1200 blindBerwick, Maine — 2100 severely mentally retardedMcKay, Maryland — 2300 with complete loss of memorySmall towns, each wiped out as surely as if bombed off the face of the earth.The president’s announcement was simple: &quote;My fellow Americans, the people of the United States are under attack. Terrorists are using germ warfare against us and we must take extraordinary enforcement measures. I will ask Congress to declare a state of national emergency…&quote;

Dancers in the Afterglow

First came the tourists…Ondine was a resort planet. Sixteen million tourists travelled there from just about every world you could think of to live and love in sixteen million different ways.Then came the machists…They had gobbled up world after world, spreading their culture to thousands of different races with a brutal, vicious, but most effective system. They were inhuman, unthinking…uncaring. The Combine had already seen what they had done on other worlds, seen whole populations converted into something horrible…something not quite human, non-thinking and no longer caring.Now they had captured Ondine, and no human could save the planet.And then Daniel came to Judgment.Daniel was a cyborg, a former fighter pilot now wedded to a master computer and life-support system housed in a flying golden egg. He was the Combine scientists’ finest creation, a spaceship that could control twenty-two robot slaves. He was the perfect saviour for Ondine, but for one thing. Everyone seemed to forget that deep inside that golden egg was a very human being…

Cybernetic Walrus

That was the strange message left on Cory Maddox’s e-mail — just at the moment when years of work on a revolutionary subspace computer system were about to pay off. Nothing would be the same for Cory again. Suddenly his life was thrown into chaos when the company that controlled his patent was sold out from under him, and instead of imminent watch, Cory was facing immediate poverty. Then along came Alan Stark, who wanted to recruit Cory for a special research project on virtual reality. Initially thrilled to be involved, Cory quickly discovered that there was nothing virtual about the realities he was working on. Instead, he found that Stark was on the verge of controlling the very fabric of reality itself. Cory was unsure of Stark’s ultimate goal until he began to recall pieces of another life and found himself in the middle of a battle between two groups of people who could use &quote;rabbit holes&quote; in space and time to jump between different realities, personalities, and lives. Whoever had control of the power to shape reality would have power to become a god — or a devil. But before Cory could combat Stark and his minions, he first had to remember which side he was on.

Web of the Chozen

Nobody beats Bar Holliday.He was paid to find the Terraformable worlds, new planets for his corporation to plunder. Up until the day he came upon Peace Victory, an abandoned generation ship hovering ominously above a definitely habitable planet, he believed nobody ever could.Nobody beats Bar Holliday….because he was never satisfied with anything lower than first place, because he was always the oddball, in charge of his own welfare, his own destiny…a man determined to make his mark in the world and win games at any cost.NOBODY EVER BEATS BAR HOLLIDAY….because he only took the wrong chances at the right times. But on the planet Patmos, where everything looked safe, but nothing was, Bar Holliday had at last met his match!

March Hare Network

Time after time, life after life, Cory Maddox was being incarnated into worlds he found both familiar and strangely different. And only in this latest incarnation did Cory bring along knowledge, skills, and memories of his previous existence — memories of cold betrayal that promised nothing he saw or felt could be trusted. Nor could he trust his companions who, like himself, kept moving from life to life trying to escape the endless cycle. But it was only with the help of those companions that Cory could develop the technological means to peer beyond the veil of reality — to the shadowy figures whom he was sure were manipulating reality . . . if what he was experiencing actually was reality.Time was running out. His memories gave him an advantage over the others, but he would have to act quickly and surely if he were to discover the truth — before truth itself could no longer be trusted . . .

Jungle of Stars

Paul Carlton Savage died for the first time on July 20, 1969 in Vietnam…and then his troubles really began. Before he knew what hit him, Savage was approached by The Hunter and offered a deal…a deal he was in no position to turn down: immortality in exchange for his services in The Hunter’s continuing war against The Bromgrev.Suddenly Savage found himself pitted against The Bromgrev — an enemy he had never seen…an enemy who could be anyone, anywhere, at any time…an enemy determined to destroy all who opposed him and anything that got in his way.In this raging intergalactic war between Good and Evil, Savage was in a peculiar position. He couldn’t decide which side to join…and time was running out!

Warriors of the Storm

They were Thieves for Freedom. The golden ring — a sacred object to the inhabitants of Janipur — was one of five. Together they were the key to control of the Master System and the only hope of humanity taking charge once more of its own destiny. Hunted through the galaxy, the rebels’ chances of survival, let alone success, were desperately slim. The three had been transmuted into Janipurians — four-legged, hairy creatures — and had infiltrated the complex, ritualised society of this long-ago terraformed planet. And with them was Vulture, the artificially created shapechanger who could become, in body and mind, any organic creature. Vulture it was who now watched the solemn ceremony as the ring was brought out and displayed to the crowd, who understood that not just the Master System but the whole population would be hunting down the stealers of the ring.