Saddle Club Book 25: Show Horse

The Saddle Club can hardly wait for the horse show in two weeks! Each member of the horse-crazy club has her own personal goal for the show especially Lisa, who plans to ride the beautiful racehorse, Prancer, even though no-one else thinks the horse is ready to compete. She is especially determined to do better than snobby Veronica diAngelo, who is convinced that she will win all the blue ribbons.But on the day of the show, there are surprises in store for each member of The Saddle Club and fro Veronica and each girl ends up learning about a whole other side of competition!

Saddle Club 49 – Stable Farewell

Spoilt brat Veronica diAngelo was given an expensive Thoroughbred for Christmas. She hasn t given a backward glance to her other horse, Garnet, since.The Saddle Club is determined to find a loving new home for the unloved horse. But the people who come to look at Garnet make the girls fear that she will go to a terrible home.Carole must also say a special farewell. Her friend Cam is moving. It looks as if The Saddle Club is going to learn some hard new lessons about what it means to say good-bye.

Saddle Club Book 5: Trail Mates

Carole, Stevie, and Lisa, the three members of the Saddle Club, are totally devoted to horses — and to each other. But for Carole, it seems as if there’s not much she can count on except riding and the friendship of the Saddle Club. Ever since her mother died, Carole has urged her dad to go out on dates. But now she’s afraid that he’s getting serious about a woman whom she isn’t ready to think of as a stepmother. Meanwhile, Carole’s getting the last thing she needs: unwanted attention from a boy. Scott will do anything — even muck out the stables — to get near her. And Stevie and Lisa aren’t much help. They’re busy modelling for a riding catalogue — and finding out that modelling’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

Saddle Club 54: Gold Medal Rider

The Saddle Club is thrilled to be attending an international competition, even if it does mean serving as humble grooms for Beatrice Benner and her horse, Southwood. Beatrice is the most spoiled rich girl they ve ever met, but she is a talented rider. Then an accident threatens to end her career. Stevie, Carole and Lisa want their friend Kate Devine to take over, but does Kate have what it takes to be a gold medal rider?

Saddle Club Super: Dream Horse

Stevie Lake gets conked on the head so hard she s laid up in hospital. Then she starts having weird dreams about herself and her Saddle Club friends, Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood. No big deal until the dreams start coming true! First it s just little things. Stevie saw Phil get thrown off Teddy before it happened. She knew Starlight was going to stomp on Carole s foot. Then Carole and Lisa rely on one of Stevie s dreams to make a dream of their own come true.But when their sick friend has a scary vision, the girls aren t sure they want to know: It is just a horse in Stevie s dreams, or is it a nightmare!

Saddle Club Book 2: Horse Shy

The three members of the Saddle Club — Carole, Lisa, and Stevie — are the best of friends, bonded by their special love of horses. Now they’re together on the long-awaited Mountain Trail Overnight. They are having such a perfect time that nothing — not even Veronica, the richest and snobbiest girl at the stables — can spoil their fun. But the impossible does happen. A tragic accident, caused by Veronica’s carelessness, makes Carole lose the one thing she loved most in the world. Is her grief enough to make her give up riding forever?

Saddle Club 68: Summer Rider

The Saddle Club girls Lisa Atwood, Stevie Lake and Carole Hanson are at one of their favorite places Moose Hill Summer Camp and the action that began during the first two weeks on Summer Horse continues in this exciting sequel.Everything s beginning to work out great except that Stevie and Carole notice that control-crazy Lisa is working too hard on projects that are supposed to be fun. She seems tense and unhappy about something. What could be wrong? Even worse, The Saddle Club continues to see signs that Moose Hill might not reopen the following summer. Who would want to close down the riding camp? Can they find out before it s too late?

Saddle Club: Horse Sense & Horse Power

HORSE SENSE: The Saddle Club is in trouble! Stevie has been picked by Max, the owner of Pine Hollow Stables, to plan some games for its upcoming horse show. And Carole is busy helping the vet care for Delilah, the mare who is soon to give birth to a foal sired by Cobalt, Carole’s beloved stallion. Neither of them seem to have any time for Lisa, who’s been drawing up an elaborate constitution for the club, including rules for meeting attendance. Lisa is getting tired of being the only one at club meetings! Unless the girls decide to stick together, there won’t be any Saddle Club and no fun at Pine Hollow Stables. And isn’t that what the Saddle Club is all about?HORSE POWER: The Saddle Club members are buzzing with excitement. For weeks, they’ve been planning Pine Hollow Stables’ gymkhana, a day of games and races for young riders. As the day draws near, Carole introduces the other girls to her new friend, Kate Devine. Carole begins to teach Kate the basics of riding, only to find out that Kate is much more experienced than she’s letting on — she’s a championship rider!

Saddle Club 46 – Flying Horse

Phil Marston isn t just Stevie Lake s boyfriend. He s a fellow rider and Phil knows how to push all Stevie s buttons. When he issues a riding challenge that she can t turn down, Stevie starts training Belle intensely. In fact, her workouts threaten to make even good-natured Belle balk at going into the ring.Mrs. Reg, the manager of Pine Hollow Stables, thinks Stevie and Belle need a break, so she brings The Saddle Club to Assateague Island. She hopes that seeing the wild ponies will remind Stevie of what riding is all about. But it turns out that even Mrs. Reg is in for a surprise!

Saddle Club 30: Autumn Trail

It s Thanksgiving time at Pine Hollow Stables, and the three members of the Saddle Club have each decided to do one good deed to celebrate the holiday. Stevie has offered to do some chores around the stables; Carole s invited stuck-up Veronica diAngelo to Thanksgiving dinner; but Lisa isn t sure what her generous act will be until she realizes that there s a special horse at Pine Hollow who really needs her.