Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep

Evan Michael Tanner hasn’t slept in more than a decadenot since a small piece of battlefield shrapnel invaded his skull and obliterated his brain’s sleep center. Still, he’s managed to find numerous inventive ways to occupy his waking hours.Tanner is a card-carrying member of hundreds of international organizations, from the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Order to the Flat Earth Societynot because he believes in their myriad lost causes, he’s simply a joiner by nature. Besides, it gives him something to do.The Russians think Tanner is a CIA operative on a covert mission. The CIA is certain he’s a Soviet agent. Actually, he’s in Turkey pursuing a fortune in hidden Armenian gold. But Tanner’s up for anything, including a little spycraft, if it helps him reach his big payday. And if need be, he’ll even start a small revolution . . .

Bernie Rhodenbarr Mysteries

Five novels in the unforgettable Bernie Rhodenbarr series.THE BURGLAR WHO TRADED TED WILLIAMS: Bernie Rhodenbarr is trying to make an honest living, but when his new landlord raises the rent, there’s only one thing left for a reformed burglar to do. On his first night back on the job, Bernie finds not only a stash of cash but a very dead body. Yet the next day the police are blaming him for a different burglary. To prove himself ‘innocent’, Bernie’s got to pull out all his master skills to uncover a scheme he should have been smart enough to avoid, or at least get a piece of…THE BURGLAR WHO THOUGHT HE WAS BOGART: Of all the bookstores in the world, she walked into his. That’s where Bernie Rhodenbarr met the woman of his dreams, the alluring Ilona. Both fans of Bogart films, the two begin spending every night together. Then a tempting offer sees Bernie back on the job. But when his employer is killed and Ilona goes missing, Bernie finds himself on the tail of an elusive killer.THE BURGLAR IN THE LIBRARY: Bernie rarely ventures outside Manhattan but he’s excited by the prospect of a getaway at a remote upstate B&B. That is until there’s an isolating snowstorm, downed phone lines, the surprise arrival of his lover and her new husband, and a steadily increasing body count. And it’s up to Bernie to figure out who did it — or be the next one to die.THE BURGLAR IN THE RYE: Bernie is on the prowl again, but after his latest employer is murdered, he begins to wonder if he’s been set up by a criminal — one who is almost as clever as he is.THE BURGLAR ON THE PROWL: What starts out as an easy job soon sees Bernie in big trouble. And this time it includes his arrest, no less than four murders, and more outrageous coincidences than any self-preserving felon should ever be required to tie together.

Even The Wicked

An addictive Matt Scudder thriller. Matt Scudder is drawn into the case of a serial killer targeting criminals who the law cannot touch. The Will of the People, egged on by a vitriolic newspaper columnist, kills a sex offender, a mobster and a racist cult leader, despite their seemingly impenetrable security. Then Scudder gets a call from a hot-shot attorney, the recipient of the Will’s latest letter…

Ticket to the Boneyard

A pulse-pounding Matt Scudder story.The streets of New York are never safe, but the release of James Leo Motley, a psychopath who went down swearing revenge on PI Matt Scudder, means death is out there. No one is safe: friends, lovers, or just those unfortunate enough to share the Scudder name. Soon the streets are littered with the dying and Matt begins to question his new found sobriety.


THE SCORCHING PULP NOVEL BY LAWRENCE BLOCK, AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 50 YEARS!On the border between El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, five lives are about to collide — with fatal results. You’ll meetMARTY — the professional gambler who rolls the dice on a night with…MEG — the bored divorcee who seeks excitement and finds…LILY — the beautiful hitchhiker lured into a live sex show by…CASSIE — the redhead with her own private agenda…and WEAVER — the madman, the killer with a straight razor in his pocket, on the run from the police and determined to go down swinging!This is MWA Grand Master Lawrence Block at his rawest and most visceral, a bloody, bawdy, brutal story of passion and punishment—and of lines that were never meant to be crossed.

Spider, Spin Me A Web

The craft of writing is a lot like spinning a web: You take threads and weave them skillfully together, and only you know where this intricate network of twists and turns begin and how it will end. Now, with Lawrence Bloock’s expert advice, you can learn this art of entrapping your reader in a maze of facinating fiction.Spider, Spin Me a Web is the perfect companion volume to Block’s previous book on writing, Telling Lies for Fun and Profit, which Sue Grafton noted &quote;should be a permanent part of every writer’s library.&quote; As helpful and supportive as always, Block shares what he’s learned over the course of writing over one hundred published books: techniques to help you to write a solid piece of fiction; strategies for getting a reader (or editor) to reaadand buyyour book; ideas for increasing your creativity and developing an environment that will nourish you and your craft. Spider, Spin Me a Web is a complete guide to achieving your full potential as awriter.

Canceled Czech

Evan Tanner ran head-first into a piece of shrapnel in Korea, and now he can’t sleep. Ever. Which can be an asset for a dedicated linguist, term paper forger, thief, lost cause enthusiast . . . Spy.Tanner takes on jobs for a covert intelligence organization so secret that even those who work for it have no idea who they’re working for. Now his nameless supervisor wants him to sneak behind the Iron Curtain, storm an impregnable castle in Prague (alone!), and rescue an old Slovak who’s got a pressing date with a hangman’s noose.The trouble is the prisoner is an unrepentant Nazi who makes Goering look like Mister Rogers. Tanner hates Nazis. If he’s caught (which is likely) the U.S. will deny that they know him. And Tanner will be executed. After being tortured, no doubt. All in all, there are many excellent reasons why Tanner should refuse this assignment.So, naturally, he says yes.

Time To Murder And Create

From the author behind the upcoming Hollywood all-star film A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES — the second brilliant novel in the Matthew Scudder seriesThe Spinner is dead, bashed on the head and left to rot in a river. There are three suspects. Henry Prager has paid enough for the sins of his daughter, and begs Scudder not to destroy his shaky business or the fragile girl’s reformed life. Beverly Etheridge cheerfully admitted all the sex acts Scudder had seen in the photos and she promises to show him a few more. Theodore Huysendahl offers Scudder enough money to choke even a blackmailer’s greed, a proposition no sane man would turn down. Scudder’s code of honour demands that one of them will pay…

Small Town

The author of dozens of acclaimed novels including those in the Scudder and Keller series, Lawrence Block has long been recognized as one of the premier crime writers of our time. Now, the breathtaking skill, power, and versatility of this Grand Master are brilliantly displayed once again in a mesmerizing new thriller set on the streets of the city he knows and loves so well.That was the thing about New York — if you loved it, if it worked for you, it ruined you for anyplace else in the world.In this dazzlingly constructed novel, Lawrence Block reveals the secret at the heart of the Big Apple. His glorious metropolis is really a small town, filled with men and women from all walks of life whose aspirations, fears, disappointments, and triumphs are interconnected by bonds as unbreakable as they are unseen. Pulsating with the lives of its denizens — bartenders and hookers, power brokers and politicos, cops and secretaries, editors and dreamers — the city inspires a passion that is universal yet unique in each of its eight million inhabitants, including: John Blair Creighton, a writer on the verge of a breakthrough;Francis Buckram, a charismatic expolice commissioner — and the inside choice for the next mayor — on the verge of a breakdown;Susan Pomerance, a beautiful, sophisticated folk-art dealer plumbing the depths of her own fierce sexuality;Maury Winters, a defense attorney who prefers murder trials because there’s one less witness;Jerry Pankow, an ex-addict who has turned being clean into a living, mopping up after New York’s nightlife;And, in the shadows of a city reeling from tragedy, an unlikely killing machine who wages a one-man war against them all.Infused with the raw cadence, stark beauty, and relentless pace of New York City, Small Town is a tour de force Block fans old and new will celebrate.

Eight Million Ways To Die

Corruption and danger are rife in Lawrence Block’s incredible Matt Scudder thriller.Staying alive is never easy; not for the prostitute who is slashed to ribbons, nor for the pimp named Chance who is betting his life that the broken down investigator Matt Scudder can find her killer.