Berenstain Bears and the Neighborly Skunk

The Bears get a new neighbor . . . with a very strong smell!When the woodchucks next door move out of their burrow, Sister and Brother Bear can’t wait to meet their new neighbors. That is, until they find out that they’re going to be living next door to the stinkiest animal there isa skunk!Although the kids are put off by Mr. Skunk’s powerful smell, Mama Bear insists they be kind to their white-striped new pal. As they help him fix up the old woodchuck burrow, Sister and Brother Bear learn that skunks are no different from anybody else. And they might even find that there are advantages to having a skunk on their side.

Berenstain Bears to the Rescue

Papa Bear helps the Bear Scouts find someone to rescuehimself!To get their official rescue merit badges, Brother Bear, Sister Bear, and Cousin Fred need real-life experience saving other bears from harm. And Papa Bear knows the most about search-and-rescueor at least that’s what he says. But when they get into the wilderness, they find that Papa is much better at getting himself into trouble than getting other bears out of it.Papa charges into bullpens, enrages swarms of bees, and gets himself so stuck in the muck that it takes three Bear Scouts to pull him out. And when he takes a tumble into Great Bear Gorge, the scouts are about to get some real-life rescuing experience.Will the bears be able to help Papa escape?

Berenstain Bears Get the Grouchies

When the Berenstain Bears turn grouchy, the happy house goes to pieces Through thick and thin, the members of the Bear family treat each other kindly. They’re polite, thoughtful, and never forget to share their honey. But when Mama, Papa, Sister, and Brother all wake up with a bad case of the grouchies, the day takes a different turn.The Bears snarl, shout, and hog the honey. They yell so loud, they wake up the night owl and the bats next door. Even Mama becomes a serious grump. Will the Bears remember to be kind before they go to sleep? Or will the whole day be ruined by the grouchies?

Berenstain Bears and the Homework Hassle

In this timely First Time Book, the Berenstains once again prove they have their paws on the pulse of America! Mama and Papa Bear are stunned when they receive a letter from Brother Bear’s teacher. Even though Brother Bear sits down diligently every night with an open notebook, he has not been completing his homework assignments. After taking a closer look, Mama and Papa realize that there’s a whole lot of competition going on for Brother’s attention. He’s watching TV, listening to his boom box, talking on the cell phone, and playing a video game. Join in the fun and learning as the subject of multimedia distraction is tackled with wit, wisdom, and aplomb.

Berenstain Bears and the Double Dare

Too-Tall Grizzly and his gang dare Brother to steal a watermelon from Farmer Ben’s patch, and when the gang runs away, Brother is caught. Fortunately, Farmer Ben is a good neighbor, and offers Brother advice about standing up for what is right.

Berenstain Bears and the Slumber Party

Sister Bear’s first slumber party at Lizzy Bruin’s gets out of hand with pillow fighting and soda squirting—and then Brother Bear and Cousin Freddy show up. Lizzy’s parents have no choice but to end the party, and Brother and Sister receive a valuable lesson in behaving away from home.

Berenstain Bears and the Trouble at School

While out of school for a few days with a cold, Brother Bear ignores his make-up work. And when he returns to class, he discovers the consequences of neglecting his responsibilities: he fails his division test. Grizzly Gramps helps Brother learn that it’s never too late to correct a mistake.

Berenstain Bears in the Dark

After a scary bedtime story, Sister Bear is too frightened of the dark to shut her eyes. Sound psychological advice and a night light help Sister conquer her fears. Children will empathize with Sister Bear in this well-written story.—School Library Journal.