Word of Mouth Democracy for the 99%

I am retired as an environmental health and public health professional. I am now writing books about the Spiritual Awakening techniques and organizational methods created by Bill Wilson the founder of Alcoholic Anonymous. I refer to his entire life work project as a Corporate Spiritual Democracy (or some combination of those three words) which has been successfully implemented as 12 Step programs in our country and around the world for over seventy five years. Not only did Bill Wilson create a simple method for one to become Spiritually Awakened, but he created an organizational system of respect for your fellow man, common sense and dignity, and service to others that provides a democratic spirit of equality for its members. It is one of the most pure forms of moral and unprejudiced democracy to be found on the face of this earthRather than deciding to keep these brilliant ideas in obscurity, I believe in accordance with Bill Wilson that &quote; many people, nonalcoholics, report that as a result of the practice of AA’s 12 Steps, they have been able to meet other difficulties of life. They think that the 12 Steps can mean more than sobriety for problem drinkers. They see in them a way to happy and effective living, alcoholic or not&quote; (Foreword to Bill Wilson’s, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions). In Bill’s book, AA Comes Of Age, many of the AA nonalcoholic founders of AA, such as Bernard Smith, Attorney; Dr. Harry Tiebot, M.D. and Rev. Samuel Schoemaker PhD. agree. However in order to respect the 12 Traditions of AA, I must remain anonymous at all levels of press, radio and film. Therefore I request that all those who read my profile, respect my anonymity as well. I am not trying to make money from these books (in fact I have spent quite a deal), but I believe that my writing will do more with helping others that many other techniques I use.

Everything Is Going to Be OK

A little inspiration goes a long way. It’s the end of the naughties, and things are starting to look up: cropping up everywhere are messages of sincerity, optimism, and hope, and the good cheer has spread to the world of art and design. This volume is filled with artwork bearing mottos of encouragement and affirmation. Featuring work from a diverse roster of indie artists, designers, and craftersincluding beloved figures such as Mike Perry, Marian Bantjes, Marc Johns, Enormous Champion, and Yee-Haw Industries, as well as a host of emerging new talentsthis hip take on the classic cheer-you-up book is the perfect visual treat for anyone whose spirits need a little lift from time to time.

Bill W My First 40 Years

&quote;I was born, to be exact, in a hotel then known as Wilson House… I was born, perhaps rightly, in a room just back of the old bar.&quote;It was the beginning of a life that would change the lives of millions. Told here for the first time in his own words is the story of the man who would come to be known as Bill W. — a man who, for his part in founding the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, would be celebrated as one of the important figures of the twentieth century.&quote;The terrifying darkness had become complete. In agony of spirit, I again thought of the cancer of alcoholism which had now consumed me in mind and spirit, and soon the body.&quote; But what of the Great Physician? For a brief moment, I suppose, the last trace of my obstinacy was crushed out as the abyss yawned.I remember saying to myself, &quote;I’ll do anything, anything at all. If there be a Great Physician, I’ll call on him.&quote; Then, with neither faith nor hope I cried out, &quote;If there be a God, let him show himself.&quote;

Book of Jubilees

The Book of Jubilees, or, as it is sometimes called, the little Genesis, purports to be a revelation given by God to Moses through the medium of an angel, and containing a history, divided up into jubilee-periods of forty-nine years, from the creation to the coming of Moses. Though the actual narrative of events is only carried down to the birth and early career of Moses, its author envisages the events of a later time, and in particular certain events of special interest at the time when he wrote, which was probably in the latter years of the second century B.C., perhaps in the reign of the Maccabean prince John Hyrcanus. Though distinguished from the Pentateuch proper, it presupposes and supplements the latter. The actual narrative embraces material contained in the whole of Genesis and part of Exodus. But the legal regulations given presuppose other parts of the Pentateuch, especially the so-called Priests Code, and certain details in the narrative are probably intended to apply to events that occurred in the authors own time, the latter years of the second century B.C. The author himself seems to have contemplated the speedy inauguration of the Messianic Age, and in this respect his point of view is similar to that of the Apocalyptic writers. But his work, though it contains one or two passages of an apocalyptic character, is quite unlike the typical apocalypses. It is largely narrative based upon the historical narratives in Genesis and Exodus, interspersed with legends, and emphasizing certain legal practices. But his main object was to inculcate a reform in the regulation of the calendar and festivals, in place of the intercalated lunar calendar, which he condemns in the strongest language. He proposes to substitute for this a solar calendar consisting of 12 months and containing 364 days.

Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases

This contains the Scottish Psalter and Scripture Paraphrases, the primary hymnal of the Church of Scotland up through the 19th century. The Church of Scotland is a Presbyterian church, decisively shaped by the Scottish Reformation.

Confessions of a Backup Dancer

glamour. access. scandal.Ever wonder what your favorite pop divas are like AFTER the cameras stop rolling? What do they do behind closed doors? What are their parties like? What do they think about? What do they fight about? What do they really want? And who do they REALLY hook up with?Kelly Kimball spent a summer as a backup dancer for Darcy Barnes, the biggest pop star in the world. Kelly’s got the real story on Darcy, her life, her family, and her entourage — and she’s spilling it here for the first time. If you think the life of a superstar can’t possibly be all it’s cracked up to be, you’re wrong. It’s all that and more. And it’s all inside Kelly’s tell-all diary: Confessions of a Backup Dancer.

Food Porn

Do you play?Are you one of us? Do you play a little? Or did you give it up? Were you found out? It might be your dirty little secret. Your only secret. Or one of many. It’s not an orgy. It’s not a key swapping game. It’s just playing. A game. It’s not just sex, it’s much more than that. Lilly’s life changes dramatically when she meets playboy Scott and the sex-crazy, French Lucas. This memoir explores the world of ‘playing’ in Sydney, through the eyes of Lilly, a PR consultant who lives on Bondi Beach. After a working holiday overseas, she meets Lucas and Scott who introduce her to threesomes and mixing food with sex. Soon her life is filled with cucumbers, eggplants melted chocolate and whipped cream to play with in the bedroom. This is Fifty Shades of Grey, done Aussie-style; with the contents of your fridge. So slip into something a little more comfortable, it’s play time.