The importance of personal freedom is a key theme that runs throughout the work of science fiction writer Poul Anderson, and it is perhaps most directly explored in the novella Security. The story imagines a future in which the United States has attained absolute power, instituting a police state with the justification that a severe restriction of liberty is the only way to preserve security.

Valor of Cappen Varra

After establishing a name for himself in the classic science fiction canon, author Poul Anderson tried his hand at historical fantasy. One of his indelible creations in the genre is the character of Cappen Varra. In this tale, the amusing scamp finds himself stranded in an inhospitable land and must rely on his wits to escape alive.

Duel on Syrtis

What happens when hunters grow weary of pursuing traditional game? In the future imagined by Poul Anderson in the story &quote;Duel on Syrtis,&quote; wealthy sportsman Riordan has upped the stakes by traveling across the solar system to pursue an intelligent creature that can match wits with him.

Third Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK (TM): Poul Anderson

Poul Anderson (1926 — 2001) was an American science fiction author who began his career during one of the Golden Ages of the genre and continued to write and remain popular into the 21st century. Anderson also authored several works of fantasy, historical novels, and a prodigious number of short stories. He received numerous awards for his writing, including seven Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards. This volume collects 8 classic stories:WITCH OF THE DEMON SEAS (1951)DUEL ON SYRTIS (1951)SECURITY (1953)SENTIMENT, INC. (1953)THE SENSITIVE MAN (1954)THE CHAPTER ENDS (1954)THE VALOR OF CAPPEN VARRA (1957)INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION (1963)And if you enjoy this volume, don’t forget to search your favorite ebook store for &quote;Wildside Press Megapack&quote; to see the more than 170 entries in the MEGAPACK ebook series, covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, westerns, classics — and much, much more!


The conflict between the King of Ys and the gods growing, with increasingly devastating results. It is becoming impossible to balance the demands of his own god, Mithras, with those of the gods of Ys, as they demand that he marry his daughter, which is forbidden by his religion. And while the King struggles to preserve his kingdom, others are plotting his demise… Meanwhile, the Roman Empire is occupied by its own internal struggles, and the barbarians sense an opportunity to attack. Filled with rich historical detail and a gripping fantastical narrative, this wonderful mixture of history, legend and fantasy continues the compelling story begun in Roma Mater and continued in The Gallicenae.

Dog and the Wolf

Ys has fallen, murdered by her god in an act of senile vengeance. Now Gratillonius, once King of Ys, must strive to save a remnant of his people from utter destruction — then use them to rescue civilisation itself, as the light that once was Rome flickers out and barbarian night descends upon the world. In the process, he will give rise to a legend that will ring down the corridors of time . . .


Set in the misty time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of our own age, The King of Ys chronicles the coming of Gratillonius, the Roman prefect who became a king. Gallicenae continues that story to tell of Gratillonius’ nine queens and penetrate to the very heart of the legend of the King of Ys . . .

High Crusade

In the year of grace 1345, as Sir Roger Baron de Tourneville is gathering an army to join King Edward III in the war against France, a most astonishing event occurs: a huge silver ship descends through the sky and lands in a pasture beside the little village of Ansby in North East Lincolnshire. The Wersgorix, whose scouting ship it is, are quite expert at taking conquering planets, and having determined from orbit that this one is suitable, they initiate standard procedure. Their ship carries guided missiles and nuclear weaponry — but they have long since lost the art (and weapons) of hand-to-hand fighting. And this time it’s no mere primitives the Wersgorix seek to enslave — they’ve launched their invasion against Englishmen! In the end, only one alien is left alive — and Sir Roger’s grand vision is born. He intends for the creature to fly the ship first to France to aid his King, then on to the Holy Land to vanquish the infidel. And then . . . ?

Mother of Kings

As a child of just seven summers, Gunnhild finds herself fascinated with the powers of a witch-woman who is a concubine of her father’s, a powerful Norse chieftain. She also finds another fascination in handsome and lordly Eirik, son of their king. When her mother dies, Gunnhild promises, &quote;I will never yield&quote;, and that, &quote;through me, our blood shall flow greatly&quote;. Gunnhild has learned from her chieftain father the way the powerful use the weak. But there are other lessons and other power she seeks. Sent away to learn the magic of a pair of shamans, Gunnhild becomes a Spaewife — a knower of the Gods, a master in the ways of witchcraft and sorcery. Aided by her new abilities, Gunnhild marries Eirik. She is destined to become queen, and her magic is a fearsome complement to Eirik’s strength. But Eirik’s enemies are cunning, and Gunnhild is soon without his might. If Gunnhild can keep the promise she made as a child to never yield, her family’s blood will flow greatly, and the sons she bore Eirik will each become a king. Her own struggles, though, are far from over…

War of Two Worlds

The twenty-year Earth-Mars war was finally over. What was left of Earth — its crumbled cities, its ruined farmlands — were firmly and completely under the rule of the Martian Archon. And this powerful planetary ruler was taking no chances: he intended to reduce the Terrans to a society of primitive agricultural tribes in less than a generation! But for David Arnfeld, ex-spaceman and Earth Base Commander, there was something in the whole set-up which did not ring true. Why had both sides muffed countless chances to end that awful war in the first year or two? And why had the two planets gone to war in the first place? In the back of Arnfeld’s mind an idea was growing…perhaps there was yet a chance to save the doomed population of Earth. But if his idea was true, and proof was available, he had to work fast. Too many people were involved in this War of the Two Worlds to let one man upset their plans.